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When we opened our first restaurant in 2011, we had one simple goal: to create great sushi everyone enjoys. Not many people realize rice is one of the most critical elements of sushi. It’s warm, fluffy shape, the sticky, starchy, right density of texture, the harmonic taste of sweetness, saltiness, and sourness, the perfect shape it holds when picked up by chopsticks, and how it falls apart once touched by the palate. Our rice brings out the fresh taste of our fish – never overpowering it. If rice is the silent hero of sushi, then the topping is the Star of the show. They come in so many forms: raw, marinated, grilled, torched, fermented, etc. Naturally, freshness is important but beyond that is technique. Daiwa takes pride in our attentive and craftsmanship - how we pick the ingredients, work with our suppliers, slice our fish, the textures we pair together, and the sauces to compliment the taste. The expertise we put into our sushi makes the difference between day and night. After many years in the field, our biggest satisfaction is making exquisite sushi for our customers to enjoy.

Passion has a way to attract like-minded people. As our team expands, so does our collective dream of sushi-making. As we miss the taste of home, we think of ways to incorporate the traditional palate with the culture of our new home - New Orleans. Daiwa has fresh fish caught off the coast of Japan shipped directly to us, where we can remake the taste of childhood to share with everyone. We encourage you to create fond memories with us as we discover the diversity of Japan through our food, sake, and exotic whiskey. The possibility for creativity is limitless and "Daiwa Sushi Bar and Japanese Cuisine" is the perfect platform for us to create, play, and experiment with. Please join us on our new adventure!